The Universal Muslim Business Association believes that its principal objective is the human one of helping to restore moral excellence in our Muslim life, particularly in the economic areas of trade, professional service and commerce.


We believe that our individual business structures will grow in proportion to our honest, truthful and just efforts to raise the economic standards to others. Fundamental and proven business practices are essential and are encouraged, including strategic planning, organized budgeting, shared resources, coordinating activities through researching and communicating information.


Our commitment of service to the community grows out of an understanding and appreciation for the legacy and achievement of selfless enterprising forbearers, such as Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Mary McCloud Bethune, Marcus Garvey and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.



Technical Assistance & Counseling


The strength of the U.M.B.A. is directly proportional to the strength of the individual businesses of which it is composed. Therefore, the Association aims to serve its constituent members, using the powers of its offices and resources to provide vital information and technical expertise from sources, including its qualified membership, federal and local government, private corporations, academic and financial institutions, etc. The U.M.B.A. intends to draw knowledge and support from the enormous body of achievement and success of Muslim business life in trade, industry and commerce.


Technical assistance and professional   services can help our members in starting new businesses or in maintaining and/or expanding existing ones on a profitable basis. The U.M.B.A. will assist those of its members experiencing problems in the areas of management, accounting, marketing, etc., directly or through referral to other appropriate resources. Special efforts will be made to assist in identifying and approaching sources of financing.



The U.M.B.A. recognizes that the forming of an association is a major step toward improving the economic life of our community. Small, separate, individual business entities cannot survive the domination of the conglomerate corporate forces and the fluctuating state of our economy. It is necessary that small minority businesses work in close cooperation with each other: first, to identify and study the community’s economic problems, secondly, to develop methods of solving these problems and then, working in unity, to pool resources to finance solutions and to seek out when necessary, funding sources.

Business and Culture


The U.M.B.A. recognizes the need for an alternative culture in American life and pledges its support and sponsorship of programs and institutions that enrich and elevate the mental, physical and spiritual life of our society in all areas, including: education, aesthetics (the arts), science, technology, politics, medicine, athletics, etc.

Duty to Greater Society


The U.M.B.A. recognizes that community economic development means responsibility to the entire society. Our efforts aim to strengthen America. By developing “resident consciousness” in our business community and acting on a program of responsible self-help, the U.M.B.A. will strive to relieve the government and the American people of some of its undeserved financial burdens, occasioned by immoral, corrupt and selfish factions in our communities. We can hope to do this only through serving truth and supporting human dignity and through organizing, strategic planning, budgeting, coordinating and communicating on a collective basis.

Our Ten Point Program


  1. Social media advertising

  2. collective purchasing

  3. member discount

  4. technical assistance

  5. product distribution

  6. newsletter

  7. legal / accounting

  8. procurement

  9. funding sources

  10. small business development


International Perspective


The U.M.B.A. recognizes that its potential is unlimited and that it can serve America in the international sphere by helping to relieve the balance of payment problem through international business transactions and, also, by promoting trust and goodwill through its moral business conduct.


Simply stated, The Universal Muslim Business Association has a three-fold reason for being:


  1. To promote moral excellence in Muslim business life.

  2. To strengthen individual businesses through technical assistance.

  3. To share the responsibility for community economic development.