The Universal Muslim Business Association (U.M.B.A.) was formed by a group of business persons that are experienced and successful entrepreneurs who are dedicated to maintaining a strong moral base, the highest level of quality and competitive pricing for its membership.  Consumers know that when you do business with a U.M.B.A. member, the product or service is of the highest quality and that they are supporting the growth of they’re community.

Vision Statement

To establish an association that will galvanize the Muslim Businesses and business persons, into a collective entity, which will provide technical back office support, and a system of networking services, for the benefit of its membership.


Statement of Purpose

The Universal Muslim Business Association believes that its principal objective is the human one of helping to restore moral excellence in our Muslim life, particularly in the economic areas of trade, professional service and commerce. We believe that our individual business structures will grow in proportion to our honest, truthful and just efforts to raise the economic standards to others. Fundamental and proven business practices are essential and are encouraged, including strategic planning, organized budgeting, shared resources, coordinating activities through researching and communicating information. Our commitment of service to the community grows out of an understanding and appreciation for the legacy and achievement of selfless enterprising forbearers, such as Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Mary McCloud Bethune, Marcus Garvey and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


Those who become members of the U.M.B.A. will benefit from the shared resources and expertise of a wide cross section of Professionals and Successful Business People. Our Ten Point Program is designed to promote the successful Start-up, Operation and Growth of the businesses of our membership. We are confident that our Ten Point Program will improve your business while expanding your opportunities.

If your concern is Technical Assistance, Access to Funding Sources, Improving your Management Skills, Effective Advertising, Reducing Cost, Improving Sales, Inventory Controls, Accounting or any other Marketing, Funding or Operational concerns, the U.M.B.A. is the best resource available for your community based business.


All members are immediately entitled to the benefits of our Ten Point Program. If your business is not improved within the first year of active membership, the U.M.B.A. will refund your membership in full.  By working together to achieve Oneness, we will overcome obstacles, unite our community, and strengthen its financial foundation.  Our success will depend on how effectively we work together to improve the quality of life of our communities.